* Rockler has released a new edition of its Deluxe Panel Clamps.
* The new version has enhanced features compared to the previous model, which includes modifications in clamp ends and pressure pads.
* Rockler’s clamps are well-suited for securing large panels, and they are particularly useful in crafting and maintaining furniture.
* The pressure pads in the new version have been made softer and more flexible, allowing the clamps to hold panels securely without causing damage or leaving marks.
* Other improvements include new clamp ends that are designed to prevent slippage and offer increased stability.
* The strength, durability, and the quality of materials used to construct these clamps have solidified the brand’s good reputation among both amateur and professional woodworkers.

#### Review Summary

Rockler has outdone itself again by improving its Deluxe Panel Clamps. Whether you’re an amateur woodworker or a seasoned professional, these enhanced, anti-slip clamps will make your job a lot easier. With a softer, more flexible pressure pad, say goodbye to unsightly marks and damage to your panels. Not only have they increased stability, but they’ve also maintained the same durability and quality that have made Rockler a respected name in the industry. So, if you’re in the market for some new clamps, these could very well be your best companions for constructing and maintaining your fabulous pieces of furniture!

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