– RH, previously known as Restoration Hardware, has released its latest sourcebook.
– The new sourcebook focusses heavy on the company’s modern aesthetic.
– Interior design enthusiasts are excited about the inclusion of new collections, Boxeur Des Rues, Machinto, and Antoccino.
– RH aims to move past its traditional looks and embrace a broader array of styles.
– The company wants to expand its customer base to those who prefer a less formal and more industrial design.
– RH is also offering a membership program that gives members access to interior design services and early access to clearance items.

Embracing Modern Aesthetics: RH’s New Sourcebook

An Exciting Collection for Modern Design Lovers

RH, the furniture and household goods store formerly known as Restoration Hardware, has released its eagerly awaited new sourcebook. With a whole new range of collections including Boxeur Des Rues, Machinto, and Antoccino, this sourcebook places a large emphasis on the company’s modern aesthetic.

Shifting Styles: From Traditional to Contemporary

Clearly laying its ambitions out on the table, RH evidently wishes to expand the reach of its customer base. They are moving beyond the traditional formal look and style for which they were known, favouring instead a more industrial, less formal, and contemporary feel.

RH Membership Program

In addition to its new offerings, the firm introduced a membership program; a strategy crafted with an aim to retain customers. This program not only grants members access to skilled interior design services but also allows early access to clearance items.

In the fast-paced world of interior design, RH is keeping up with the times by shifting its focus to the often understated modern design. Their new sourcebook appeals not only to the traditional lovers of their brand but to a more youthful, modern aesthetic appreciating audience. The introduction of their membership program hints at their customer-focused approach while diversifying their range. This is truly an exciting time for RH fans eagerly waiting to revamp their spaces with a fresh, industrial, less-formal look.

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