– Rockford Wholesale, a leading wholesaler in the U.S. furniture industry, has announced plans for a major rebranding initiative.
– The company’s new name is “Rockford Home Furnishings.” The rebrand is designed to reflect both the company’s current achievements and future ambitions.
– The decision to change the company’s name was influenced by the desire to cater to a broad market segment, including families and home decorators, and not just businesses.
– The rebranding includes a new website, which will launch shortly, featuring an extended product catalog, a user-friendly interface, a refreshed logo, and vibrant brand colors.
– The rebrand will be unveiled at an upcoming major industry trade show where they aim to get feedback and interact directly with clients, customers, and furniture enthusiasts.

Rockford Wholesale Takes Big Step, Rebrands as “Rockford Home Furnishings”

Aims to Cater to Broad Market Demographics

Rockford Wholesale, a top-notch player in the US furniture market, has embarked on a transformative journey with a significant rebranding event. Now looking to the future with a fresh identity – Rockford Home Furnishings, the company aims to cater to wider market demographics covering families and home decorators, rather than just business entities.

New Website Launch as part of the Rebranding

Expanding beyond their wholesale roots, part of this rebranding strategy includes launching a brand-new website soon. This proposed website promises an extended product catalog, a user-friendly interface, an upgraded logo, and vibrant brand colors that reflect the bright future of the company.

Unveiling at an Upcoming Major Trade Show

Mark your calendars, furniture enthusiasts! This groundbreaking rebranding will be unveiled at an upcoming industry trade show. It’s an exciting opportunity for Rockford Home Furnishings to interact directly with clients, customers, and anyone with an appreciation for fine furniture, and receive valuable feedback that will fuel their future growth.

In a market that’s always evolving, Rockford Home Furnishings is shining a light on their resilience and adaptability through this rebranding effort. The intention is clear – they’re here to cater to a broad market segment, guided by current successes and future aspirations. Expect to see much more from Rockford Home Furnishings as they embark on this journey to redefine their purpose and give their brand a refreshing, vibrant twist!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318552

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