– Serta Simmons Bedding, an American manufacturer of mattresses, has announced a change in its leadership.
– The company has appointed Melanie Huet as its new Chief Executive Officer, effectively immediately.
– Huet was formerly the Chief Marketing Officer at Serta Simmons. In this role, she drove the company’s growth strategy and modernization initiative, and led a rebranding campaign.
– The previous CEO Marc Fleisher has retired after a successful tenure, during which he led the company through periods of growth and transformation.
– Huet’s appointment reflects the company’s commitment to diversity and gender equality.
– Under Huet’s leadership, the company will continue to focus its efforts on introducing innovative products, improving customer experience, and driving sustainable growth.

Melanie Huet Appointed as New CEO of Serta Simmons Bedding

A Step Forward for Diversity and Innovation

With Melanie Huet’s appointment as the new Chief Executive Officer at Serta Simmons Bedding, the furniture industry gets a refreshing whiff of diversity. The company continues its commitment to gender equality while also emphasizing its focus on innovation and customer experience.

Continuing a Legacy of Success

Taking over from Marc Fleisher, who successfully steered the company through numerous periods of growth and transformation, Huet inherits a strong legacy. As a former Chief Marketing Officer, she has proven her capability by driving the company’s growth strategy, modernization, and leading an impactful rebranding.

As she snugs into the role of CEO, the sleeping giant of the mattress industry rests assured that its future looks both exciting and secure. With Huet at the helm, Serta Simmons plans to continue to do what it does best — rolling out innovative products, enhancing customer experience, and propelling the company on a trajectory of sustainable growth. Nighty night, world! Serta Simmons is set to continue making dream-worthy mattresses under their new dreamy leadership.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318285

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