– ServeCo North America, a company known for its furniture protection and customer service, has recently created a new Vice President post.
– The new position was formed due to the company’s continuous growth and the need to focus on client service enhancement.
– The inaugural VP post was given to Matt Espe, who has had a distinguished track record in the furniture protection industry.
– Mr. Espe previously served as the CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp (IAC), an American holding company that owns more than 150 brands across 100 countries.
– He also spent years as the president of Armstrong World Industries, where he ingrained a customer-centric approach throughout the organization.
– ServeCo expects that Espe’s rich experience will drive growth, increase customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies.

ServeCo Appoints New VP to Propel Growth and Enhance Customer Service

Matt Espe Takes on the Inaugural VP Role at ServeCo North America

ServeCo North America has shown its commitment to growth and customer service by creating a new Vice President position. The newly formed role is expected to bring a sharp focus on client service enhancement amidst the company’s continuous expansion.

Espe’s Experience to Drive ServeCo’s Growth

The inaugural VP post was announced to be filled by industry veteran, Matt Espe. With an impressive career spanning from IAC/InterActiveCorp where he served as CEO, to being the president of Armstrong World Industries, Espe’s expertise lies in building customer-centric organizations.

With this strategic move, ServeCo is optimistic that Espe’s leadership will not only propel the company’s growth, but also heighten customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiencies. The appointment of a seasoned professional like Matt Espe underlines ServeCo’s dedication to excellence in service and highlights their commitment towards the growth and success of the company. It’s a new chapter in the ServeCo story and the company is ready to write it with conviction and confidence.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318463

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