– Shifman Mattresses has given its 2023 Sales Award to Tom Thigpen, a veteran of the mattress industry.
– Thigpen has been commended for his exceptional sales performance and dedication to the mattress industry.
– The award, announced at Shifman Mattresses’ annual sales meeting, represents outstanding achievement in the field.
– Throughout his tenure working in sales, Thigpen has over 35 years’ experience, garnering a reputation for reliability and hard work.
– Thigpen thanked Shifman Mattresses for the recognition, stating that he’s looking forward to many more successful years within the company.

The Sleep Achievement: Shifman Honors Industry Pro

The ‘Mattress Maestro’: Recognizing Tom Thigpen

A Career of Comfort: 35 Years in the Making

A standing ovation, please, for Mr. Tom Thigpen, a virtuoso in the world of mattress sales! His outstanding performance in sales this year has earned him the 2023 Sales Award from Shifman Mattresses. But this wasn’t an over-the-night success. Thigpen has been spinning the wheels of the industry for over 35 years, imparting comfort into the lives of many, one mattress at a time. Recognized at Shifman’s annual sales meeting, this award is a testament to Thigpen’s hard work, dedication, and his uncanny ability to always rise (get it?!) to the occasion. Overwhelmed but grateful, Thigpen thanked Shifman wholeheartedly and promised another restful year in sales. It’s not just selling a mattress, it’s about creating dreams, Thigpen believes, and with his mattress magic, we perceive many more comfortable and successful years ahead.

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