– Luxury mattress manufacturer, Shifman Mattress, has appointed a 20-year industry veteran for a new sales position.
– Mark Hobson is the new National Sales Manager at Shifman, assuming a key role in the management and direction of the company’s sales department.
– Hobson brings more than two decades of sales experience in the home furnishings industry, previously serving at companies like Kingsdown, Diamond Mattress, and Paramount Sleep.
– His expertise includes overseeing national and international sales operations, and he is known for his advanced knowledge in strategic planning, territory management, and customer service.
– Bill Hammer, president of Shifman Mattresses, expresses enthusiasm for Hobson’s appointment, lauding his broad expertise and leadership abilities.
– The move forms part of Shifman’s broader growth strategy, aiming to reach out to diverse markets nationwide and boost sales.

20-Year Industry Veteran Takes Over as Shifman Mattress National Sales Manager

Mark Hobson Steps into Key Role

With over two decades of home furnishing industry experience, Mark Hobson has now stepped into a pivotal role at luxury mattress manufacturer, Shifman Mattress. The company recently announced his appointment as the new National Sales Manager, giving him the responsibility for guiding the firm’s sales department.

Key Player in Shifman’s Growth Strategy

Hobson’s hiring is part of a greater scheme for Shifman Mattress’s expansion. His extensive experience in overseeing both national and international sales operations is expected to be instrumental in increasing the company’s reach to diverse markets, as well as significantly boosting sales.

In the world of quality slumber, a significant shuffle has been made as Mark Hobson beds down into his new role at Shifman Mattress. With a firm foundation of 20 years in the home furnishings industry, Shifman’s appointment of Hobson as National Sales Manager seems like a dreamy match. Leader of the pack, President Bill Hammer, is feeling pretty restful about the future with Hobson aboard. With a sharp eye for strategy and a knack for contouring to new territories, Hobson’s arrival is a pivotal part of Shifman’s bid to spread comfort across the nation. So, furniture fans, keep an eye on Shifman as the company gears up for a growth spurt under Hobson’s expert guidance. Sleep tight!

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