– A new patented glue bottle stopper design has been released to help combat the age-old problem of dried glue in the nozzle.
– The innovation is a brainchild of a furniture guy who was frustrated with his glue applications being obstructed by dried glue flakes.
– The stopper, when fitted to the glue bottle, forms an airtight seal, preventing oxygen from entering the bottle and thereby, stopping the glue from drying.
– This invention is deemed to be a game-changer in the woodworking industry where adhesive application is frequent.
– Already, it’s being adopted by leading furniture companies worldwide.
– The cost to consumers will be a little higher compared to traditional glue bottles but the manufacturers promise a steep reduction in the waste related to discarded glue bottles.

A Revolutionary Step in Glue Bottle Design

A Simple Solution to a Common Problem

Dried up glue in a bottle has long been the bane of furniture makers, hobbyists, and DIY lovers. But the recent invention of the stopper claims to wipe out this problem once and for all. Be it for crafting a piece of furniture or a DIY project, this invention is all set to make the adhesive application easier and more efficient.

Reception in the Industry

Surprisingly enough, the solution has been hailed as a much-needed innovation in the woodworking industry, with some of the biggest names adopting this simple yet effective solution. It is poised to bring a significant change in how woodworking projects are handled and completed.

Pricing and Availability

While the new stopper does raise the price point a little, the creators argue that it reduces the long-term waste related to dried up and discarded glue bottles, effectively making it an economical choice.

The Glue Bottle Stopper – An Unassuming Game Changer

Given its potential to revolutionize adhesive applications in woodworking, it’s no wonder that the glue bottle stopper design is being celebrated as a game-changer. Despite being a relatively simple invention, this solution holds immense potential for enhancing efficiency and minimizing waste, contributing significantly towards a greener and sustainable woodworking industry.

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