– Sixpenny, a popular online-only furniture retailer, announces that they are expanding their children’s line by introducing bed options.
– Known for their minimalist and chic furniture offerings, Sixpenny is aiming to fill a gap in the market with stylish kid-friendly bed designs.
– The new models are crafted from sustainably sourced hardwood and equipped with safety features such as rounded corners and sturdy frames.
– The beds are available in a variety of colors and sizes, from toddler to twin and full, catering to all age groups of children.
– With the recent trend towards designing child’s spaces with more sophistication, resale value of this furniture range is expected to be high.
– Sixpenny’s new additions are already available online, with prices starting at $699.

Sixpenny Expands its Chic Children’s Line with Bed Options

Providing Trendy and Safe Sleep Spaces for Children

Sixpenny, an admired online-only furniture retail company, has made an impressive move by expanding their children’s line to include chic and sophisticated bed options.

Kid-Friendly Designs Meet Style and Sustainability

They have been particularly mindful of the safety of their young customers. The beds show intricate craftsmanship, with all elements made from sustainably sourced hardwood. Available in different colors and sizes, these models cater to children of all age groups.

Stylish Beds with Great Resale Value

Retaining the company’s reputation for trendy style and sustainability, these new bed designs embrace is a growing trend in children’s space design. The expected resale value of this furniture range is high, given its charming, timeless aesthetic and sturdy build.

Convenient Online Shopping at Competitive Prices

For parents looking for stylish options for child-friendly spaces, Sixpenny’s new line of beds is now available on their online platform with prices starting from $699. So, shop away to provide your children with a sleep space that is as unique and stylish as the rest of your home. Sixpenny ensures that their young clients will dream sweet with their new, safe, and chic bed offerings.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318480

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