* Sleep Number has introduced its newest bed to its line of products, called the c1 Smart Bed.
* The c1 Smart Bed is the most affordable mattress in the Sleep Number lineup with an introductory price of $899 for a Queen size.
* Despite the lower price, it comes equipped with many of the same smart features as the more expensive models.
* These features include SleepIQ technology, which tracks sleep patterns and offers insights into how to improve sleep quality.
* The c1 Smart Bed also offers DualAir adjustability, allowing each side of the bed to be adjusted independently for firmness.
* This new product is thought to appeal more to budget-conscious customers.

Sleep Number Expands Their Line with the Introduction of the c1 Smart Bed

Affordable Luxury for Budget-Conscious Shoppers

Sleep Number, a brand synonymous with luxury sleep solutions, has recently introduced a valuable addition to their product line, namely the c1 Smart Bed. Known for its personalized comfort, Sleep Number has designed this new product to be the most affordable in their range while maintaining impressive smart features. For a queen size, the introductory pricing of $899 brings smart sleeping to even the tightest budget.

Sleep Smarter Not Harder with the SleepIQ Technology

Despite its reasonable pricing, the c1 Smart Bed is an amalgamation of technology and comfort. It includes SleepIQ technology, a feature that tracks and monitors the sleeping patterns of its users, providing insights and suggestions for improving sleep quality. This way, the users can acknowledge how certain habits or circumstances affect their sleep.

Customized Comfort for Individual Preference

The c1 Smart Bed is not only smart but also practical and adaptable for different sleep preferences. It has a DualAir adjustability feature, allowing each side of the bed’s firmness to be adjusted independently, making it perfect for couples with differing comfort levels.

In conclusion, the introduction of the c1 Smart Bed is a significant milestone for Sleep Number, showing their dedication to providing high-quality, technologically advanced sleep solutions for every budget. With their blend of comfort, customization, and smart tracking capabilities, their affordable new offering will undoubtedly bring sweet dreams to budget-conscious customers who aren’t willing to compromise on quality.

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