– Mattress Firm partners with basketball prodigy Cameron Brink to promote the ‘Sleep well to Train well’ campaign.
– Brink, the Stanford college basketball player, is the first collegiate athlete to sign a deal with Mattress Firm.
– The campaign emphasizes the essential role of quality sleep in sports performance and overall wellness.
– Cameron Brink will appear in both national and local promotional materials for the campaign.
– The partnership aims to educate consumers about the connection between good sleep and good health, and how a quality mattress can contribute to both.
– Mattress Firm plans to provide discounts and special promotional deals in conjunction with the campaign.

Mattress Firm Announces ‘Sleep Well to Train Well’ Campaign with Basketball Star Cameron Brink

Mattress Firm Teams Up with Collegiate Athlete

Mattress Firm, a leading specialty mattress retailer, has officially inked a deal with Cameron Brink, the budding Stanford college basketball player. Brink is excited to be the first collegiate athlete to help promote the brand’s new initiative, emphasizing the benefits of quality sleep for superior sports performance.

Campaign to Promote Importance of Good Sleep

The campaign has a particularly significant message: Rest well to perform your best. Cameron, who herself believes in the importance of quality sleep, will feature in both national and local promotional materials for the campaign. Mattress Firm is eager to tap into Cameron’s popularity to drive home this idea, reaching out to consumers to make the connection between quality sleep and overall wellbeing.

Quality Mattress, Quality Sleep

Through this partnership, Mattress Firm aims to educate consumers about the mutual relationship between good health and sound sleep, which a quality mattress can bring. To coincide with the launch of the campaign, the company has announced its plans to offer discount deals and special promotions, giving an extra incentive to prioritize good sleep.

In conclusion, Mattress Firm’s new partnership with Cameron Brink points out the vital connection between proper rest and peak performance. Drawing on Brink’s excellent sporting prowess and the essential role of quality sleep in her routine, Mattress Firm hopes to enhance its brand visibility and further highlight the importance of a superior mattress. This collaboration inspires and educates consumers to prioritize their sleep for overall health and wellbeing by utilizing a quality mattress. Truly, it pays to sleep well to train well!

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