– High Point Market, one of the leading furniture shows in North America, sees a big drop in smaller retailers’ attendance due to pandemic-related difficulties.
– Although larger companies continue to attend, smaller boutiques and stores face significant challenges, signaling a potential shift in the industry.
– Bill Adams, VP of Sales at Porter Designs, points out that these small businesses usually bring uniqueness, creativity, and variety to the market, which is now missing.
– Porter Designs has had to adjust its strategies to cope with the changing market, employing technology to showcase and sell their furniture pieces.
– Representatives of the furniture industry expressed hope that High Point Market can recover and adapt to the post-pandemic world, ensuring the attendance of a diverse range of businesses once more.

High Point Market Reeling from Pandemic Challenges

Smaller Retailers’ Absence Felt at Leading Furniture Show

Missing Diversity and Creativity

The absence of smaller retailers at High Point Market may be an unnoticed backdrop, but their non-attendance has deeper implications than meets the eye in the furniture industry. Not only are they a source of novel and unique furniture pieces, but they also serve as a barometer of the industry’s health. The pandemic and its economic ramifications have hit these boutique stores hard, limiting their ability to take part in major events like the High Point Market. Larger companies, though continuing to participate, cannot compensate for the diversity these smaller entities bring.

Adjustments and Hope for Recovery

As a response to these challenges, companies like Porter Designs are employing technology to continue showcasing their wares, reshaping strategies to match the new normal. In a changing landscape, such adaptability becomes crucial. Even as they navigate these uncertain times, there remains a strong hope within the industry for recovery and re-imagination. The aspiration is that soon, High Point Market and similar events can once more buzz with the vibrant presence of businesses—big and small, a testament to the resilience and enduring appeal of the furniture industry.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316549

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