– Sleep Number, a popular bed company, is preparing to deliver smart beds for less than $1,000.
– The move comes as the company aims to reach a wider demographic of consumers who want a smart bed but find the price tags too high.
– These beds will provide various features offered by other smart beds, including sleep tracking, temperature control, and adjustable firmness settings.
– The new bed is expected to be available as part of the “Value Beds” collection and will likely come into the market by late 2022.
– Sleep Number’s move is seen as a positive change in making smart beds more accessible, thus giving consumers more choices in optimizing their sleep quality.

Sleep Number Aims to Make Smart Beds Accessible

Smart Bed for Less Than $1,000 in the Offing

Sleep Number, the leading bed company, is pushing the boundaries by offering a new line of affordable smart beds. These high-tech beds, priced under $1,000, are expected to create a buzz and shake the bedding industry.

On Target to Reach the Market by Year-End

The new collection aptly labelled “Value Beds” is expected to hit the market by the end of 2022. This marks a significant step forward towards making smart beds accessible to a broader consumer base.

Providing Consumers with an Affordable Path to Quality Sleep

Sleep Number’s move to create affordable yet tech-advanced beds is seen as an important move in the sleep industry. This suggests a shift towards providing consumers with cost-effective options for achieving quality sleep, bringing together affordability and state-of-the-art sleep technology.

In conclusion, Sleep Number’s initiative to make smart beds affordable underlines a positive transformation, unlocking the luxury of optimized sleep for many. As the sleep industry continues to evolve, companies like Sleep Number are finding innovative ways to meet changing consumer demands while making new technology more accessible. Although the move is not yet a completely realized leap into low-cost smart bedding, it surely is a promising start, giving people the chance to sleep more intelligently without breaking the bank.

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