– Ohio-based solid wood Amish furniture manufacturer, Ohio Woodcraft, has been purchased by a group of local investors.
– The new investors have intended to make significant changes in the company, including a name change to Amish Crafted Furniture or ACF.
– The company is well-known for its solid wood Amish furniture, which is handmade by local Amish craftsmen.
– It has been operating successfully for over 20 years, providing high-quality furniture to customers all across the United States.
– Despite the acquisition and name change, the new owners intend to uphold the company’s reputation for high-quality Amish furniture.
– They also plan to modernize the operations of the business, focusing on expanding their online and digital presence, in response to changing customer shopping habits.
– The acquisition and rebranding will not affect its current employees, all of whom are expected to remain with the company.
– The new owners are optimistic about the future of ACF, believing in the growth potential of the solid wood Amish furniture market.

Amish Crafted Furniture: A New Era in Ohio’s Furniture Industry

Ohio Woodcraft Acquired by Local Investors

The Evolution from Ohio Woodcraft to Amish Crafted Furniture

In the ever-changing furniture industry, Ohio Woodcraft, a well-established player in the solid wood Amish furniture scene, is embracing a new future. With the recent acquisition by local investors, Ohio Woodcraft is reborn as Amish Crafted Furniture (ACF). The new owners are dedicated to upholding the quality and craftsmanship that the company is known for, while also bringing in modern operational changes to keep pace with the digital age. Customers can still expect the same well-made, luxurious Amish furniture as well as enhanced services brought about by the company’s expansion in the digital sphere. The horizon looks promising for ACF with its operations rooted in tradition yet eyes set on future growth—providing a perfect blend of the old and the new. As for the company’s team, rest assured they remain intact, all set to craft the same quality that customers across the US have come to love and expect.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318333

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