– An Edwardian home in Sussex has been given a modern twist with a soothing neutral palette.
– The project was handled by the interior design firm Button and Biba, who focused on creating a comfortable spot with a modern twist.
– The firm incorporated neutral tones such as cream, beige, and gray, combined in different patterns and textures to give a modern and stylish look to the Edwardian house.
– They used furniture pieces from John Lewis, including a plush sofa in gray shades, a wooden dining set and a chic coffee table.
– The design also includes vintage-style lamps, abstract paintings and indoor plants that gave life and personality to each room.
– Personal touches such as family photographs and souvenirs were used to make the rooms feel homey and lived in.
– The redesign was well-received, with the house owners deeming the outcome as cozy, fresh, and reflective of their personal style.

A Glimpse into the Elegant Edwardian Home Makeover

Button and Biba’s Modern Take on Edwardian Interiors

An Edwardian home in Sussex has undergone a stylish revamp, all thanks to the tasteful touch of interior design firm Button and Biba. The designers splendidly married contemporary lifestyle with a nod to the home’s Edwardian roots by tastefully choosing muted and soothing colors. Their furniture choices were from the reputable John Lewis line, which added a perfect mix of style and comfort to the rooms. The use of vintage-style lamps, abstract paintings and indoor plants punctuated the elegance and brought a touch of contemporary taste into the interior décor.

Merging Modern Elegance with Personal Touches

Button and Biba managed to combine the neutral tones with personal items like family photographs and souvenirs to strike a balance between a fresh, sophisticated aesthetic and the cozy feeling of home. Their flawless home makeover was met with high praises from the house owners, who felt their taste perfectly reflected in the design. The project is a testament to the design firm’s ability to gracefully combine the old and the new, turning a well-preserved Edwardian home into a modern masterpiece. It stands as proof that with the right pair of hands, history can be celebrated in a contemporary, comfortable and stylistically outstanding manner.

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