– The St Kilda House is a Georgian family home that has been renovated and modernized.
– Its unique design includes oversized furniture, eclectic pieces, and vibrant colors that make a bold statement.
– Homeowners have incorporated multiple textures and patterns in their decor to create an exciting, diverse aesthetic.
– The standout piece in the house is a large, wooden four-poster bed in the master bedroom.
– The property features a beautiful garden filled with natural and man-made sculptures, providing a serene outdoor retreat for the homeowners.
– Antiques and vintage pieces are spread throughout the house, adding a touch of nostalgia and a connection to the past.

St Kilda House – A Fusion of Georgian Tradition and Modern Eccentricity

Mixing Textures, Patterns, and Eras

Inside St Kilda House, you’ll uncover layers of interesting textures and patterns. Each room is a visual treat! From plush velvets, sleek leathers, to aged timbers, there is no short of variety. A rich tapestry of designs, geometrics beadings, and floral wallpapers speak volumes of a playful dialogue between different eras.

A Grand Four-Poster Bed

The crowning glory of this vibrant abode is the grand four-poster bed. Carved from solid wood, it stands overpoweringly tall in the master bedroom. A hint of the old-world charm, it marvelously integrates into the home’s eclectic theme.

Sculptural Garden

St Kilda House also boasts a sculptural garden. Inviting an exploration of shapes and silhouettes in every corner, it blends the man-made aesthetic with natural elements all too wonderfully. It offers seclusion and tranquillity under a canopy of green leaves and vibrant flowers.

Love for Vintage

Within the hubbub of modern aesthetics lies a deep-rooted respect for the past. A collection of antiques and vintage pieces, you’ll find old-world maps, decanters, Victorian chairs, and Georgian tables nestled comfortably alongside the latest trends and features.

St Kilda House carefully marries Georgian tradition with modern style elements to create a stunning aesthetic. It’s a testimony to the fact that respect for tradition and a passion for innovation can coexist to create warm, inviting spaces. It offers both solace from the outside world in its sculptural garden, and a journey back in time with its array of antique pieces. This house doesn’t shy away from making bold design choices, and the result is a uniquely diverse and exciting aesthetic that challenges the norm. It’s a “canvas of creativity” that bursts with vibrant colors and eclectic furniture – a perfect depiction of an old Georgian home reimagined for the 21st century.

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