– Storis, a leading retail software provider, has announced a partnership with family-owned Puerto Rican furniture retailer, Berrios.
– Berrios, which was seeking modern retail technology to support its growth, selected Storis to provide the necessary tech enhancements.
– The company will implement Storis’ Unified Commerce Solution, a touchpoint tech that merges in-store and online shopping experiences.
– The partnership aims to provide a seamless, integrated customer experience that meets the changing needs of today’s savvy, digital-first shoppers.
– The Integrated e-commerce platform will link directly to Berrios’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
– Berrios recognized the potential of this partnership to win customers and drive growth in Puerto Rico, which was hit hard by recent hurricanes, presenting unique challenges for the retail industry.
– Felipe Berrios, the CEO of the company, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, expecting that the advanced technology of Storis will improve their operations and enhance customer service.

Storis Collaborates with Berrios for Retail Technology Advancements

Berrios is Modernising Retail with Storis’ Unified Commerce Solution

Storis, the industry-leading tech provider, has unveiled a partnership with the trailblazing Puerto Rican furniture retailer Berrios. Seeking modern retail tech to support their expansion, Berrios will implement Storis’ state-of-the-art Unified Commerce Solution. This innovative touchpoint technology bridges the gap between traditional brick-and-mortar stores and online commerce, providing a seamless, integrated shopping experience that keeps pace with the evolving needs of increasingly tech-savvy consumers.

A Vison for Growth with Integrated E-commerce

Continuing on their digitisation journey, Berrios will link their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system directly to an Integrated e-commerce platform provided by Storis. Amidst a retail environment that’s navigating unique challenges due to the devastating impact of recent hurricanes on Puerto Rico, Berrios recognises this partnership as an opportunity to gain competitive advantage and drive growth. Felipe Berrios, the company’s CEO, is highly optimistic that the tech advancements from Storis will not merely improve their operations but also elevate the customer service experience to an unprecedented level.

Storis and Berrios together are bringing a new wave of retail modernisation to Puerto Rico, underlining the power of innovative technology to drive retail growth even in the face of adversity.

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