– The Wichita Furniture company, a heritage furniture business with over 70 years of experience, is experiencing a leadership transition as the next generation takes over.
– Jeff Phillips, the previous owner, is stepping down and passing the company on to his sons, Zach and Justin Phillips.
– The Phillips brothers have been groomed for this role, having grown up in the business and gradually taking on roles of increasing responsibility.
– They aim to maintain the business’s core values while bringing in fresh ideas and modern approaches to target younger demographics.
– The brothers plan to leverage digital platforms to increase online engagement and expand their e-commerce capabilities.
– Wichita Furniture has been commended for its quality products, tradition of excellent customer service, and commitment to the local community, and this is something the new generation plans to uphold.
– The transition has been anticipated and planned for years, ensuring a smooth and stable shift in leadership.

Succession Story Unfolds at Wichita Furniture

Leadership Batton Passed to Next Generation

Phillips Brothers to Lead With New Vision While Upholding Traditional Values

The robust business structure of Wichita Furniture is set to see a shift as the next generation of the Phillips clan takes the helm. The sturdy pillars of the company, once held by Jeff Phillips, now pass into the entrepreneurial hands of his sons, Zach and Justin. These young leaders, who have grown within the business, bring with them the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Their vision – to engage the younger demographic with fresh ideas while never deviating from the core company values that Wichita Furniture has stood by for over seven decades.

Being a part of the digital era, the brothers aim to fortify the company’s online presence, elevating customer experience by simplifying transactions through enhanced e-commerce capabilities. The longstanding benchmark of quality products and commendable customer service that Wichita Furniture has set won’t waver. The transition, meticulously planned over years, is geared towards a smooth succession, promising a stable and modern course for Wichita Furniture in the years to come.

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