– A consumer survey reveals that a significant number of shoppers prefer to purchase seasonal items well in advance.
– This trend has been especially noted in the outdoor furniture sector, where many are securing their summer essentials as early as January.
– The study, commissioned by furniture retailer, Everyday Low Price Furniture, also found that nearly 65% of the surveyed shoppers favor online shopping for furniture.
– Impulses for early-bird buying habits include a desire for the best selection and avoiding summer stock shortages.
– Consumers are increasingly turning to ecommerce for their furniture needs due to the convenience of home deliveries and easy returns.
– The report suggested that retailers should adapt their stock rotation and marketing strategies to cater to this emerging consumer behavior.

#H1 Heading: Shoppers Get a Jump on Seasonal Buys – Outdoor Furniture Shopping Peaks in January!

##H2 Subheading: Early-bird Shopping Habits in Outdoor Furniture Unearthed

A recent consumer survey highlights an interesting buying trend – a good number of shoppers prefer to secure their summer items well in advance! This early-bird behavior is particularly observed in the outdoor furniture market, with purchases peaking as early as January. Commissioned by Everyday Low Price Furniture, the study unveiled that nearly 65% of respondents champion online shopping.

###H3 Small Heading: Why the Rush for Summer Furniture in January?

There are multiple drivers behind this trend. A prime motivator is a desire to grab the best selection before the summer shortage hits. Another trigger is the fact that more consumers are now veering towards ecommerce for their home decor needs. Online shopping offers the convenience of home deliveries and hassle-free returns – perks that modern customers aren’t ready to compromise on!

The survey findings clearly underscore that retailers need to rethink their stock rotation and promotional strategies to keep pace with this evolving consumer behavior. Summer in January? That’s shopping-trend goals for you- always unpredictable and full of surprises!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317519

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