– Synchrony Bank, a leading consumer financial services company, has joined hands with Atlanticus Holdings Corporation, a tech finance company.
– The collaboration is said to implement a ‘second-look’ financing program, a service targeted at consumers who didn’t qualify for primary financing.
– The program will benefit retailers and merchants across several categories, including furniture, home furnishing, electronics, appliances, home improvement, and physical fitness.
– Synchrony’s second-look program aims to give more consumers the opportunity to access financing, while Atlanticus Holdings will bring its credit scoring and risk management expertise.
– The program will be rolling out soon and both companies hope it would help consumers to make large purchases more manageable.

Synchrony Bank and Atlanticus Collaborating on Second-Look Financing

Innovative Financing Program Targeting Broader Consumer Base

Combining Expertises to Facilitate Large Purchases

Concluding this piece of news, the collaboration of Synchrony Bank with Atlanticus Holdings Corporation is set to launch a ‘second-look’ financing program. This venture marks a stride towards financial inclusion. The idea is to cater to a wider range of consumers, especially those who were previously disqualified from primary financing. Covering a vast range of categories, with furniture and home furnishing in the focus, this move apparently aims to facilitate large purchases. Evidently, Synchrony’s expertise in offering consumers opportunities to access financing, amalgamating with Atlanticus’s prowess in credit scoring, and risk management hints at a promising pathway for retailers as well as consumers. It’s almost as if they’ve erected a financial drawbridge to the ‘kingdom of merch’, helping more folks cross over and make their retail dreams come true, whether that’s a beautiful Eisenhauer chaise lounge or a snazzy new refrigerator!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318310

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