Not sure on what size table to order? Let us help you out!

People always ask us this question, and with over 3000 tables under our work belt, these are our general rules!

Rectangle Tables:

6′ tables seat 6 guests

8′ tables seat 8 guests

10′ tables seat 10 guests

12′ tables seat 12 guests

Square Tables:

3′ tables will seat 4 guests (tight)

4′ tables will seat 4 guests

5′ Tables will seat 6 guests

6′ tables will seat 8 guests

Round Tables:

48″ tables seat 4 guests

60″ tables seat 8 guests

72″ tables seat 8-10 guests

Place mats:

Generally, a typical place mat is anywhere form 24″ – 30″. Check below !

Check our visuals below

Place Mat Sizing:

Rectangle Table Sizing:

Square Table Sizing:

Round Table Sizing:

Still not sure what size to get? Let us help you! Send us a text right on this page and we can figure it all out!

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