– Temple Furniture and Parker Southern, two well-regarded furniture brands, have added a new e-commerce specialist to their team.
– The newly appointed e-commerce specialist, Alex Shuford III, brings valuable expertise in developing and implementing effective online marketing strategies.
– Despite the furniture brands’ long history, this is the first time the companies have specifically targeted e-commerce growth, reflecting a digital shift in the industry.
– Shuford III comes from a multi-generational furniture family, and his appointment represents a coming together of traditional furniture craftsmanship with digital marketing expertise.
– The company’s plans include revamping their websites, enhancing online product catalogs, and creating a more user-friendly shopping experience.
– The overall goal of these developments is to better position the brands in the digital realm, compete more effectively online, and offer superior online furniture shopping experiences for their customers.

Temple Furniture and Parker Southern Embrace the Digital Revolution

The New Role in E-commerce: A Breakdown

Temple Furniture and Parker Southern, renowned for their quality furniture, have taken a bold step in harnessing the power of e-commerce by appointing their first-ever e-commerce specialist, Alex Shuford III. Shuford will provide crucial guidance in the crafting and implementation of innovative online marketing strategies.

Digital Meets Traditional in Furniture World

Shuford isn’t an industry outsider; in fact, he hails from a family deeply rooted in the furniture business. His appointment signifies a splendid amalgamation of traditional furniture craftsmanship and digital marketing strategy geared towards achieving an impactful online presence.

A New Game Plan for Temple Furniture and Parker Southern

With Shuford III onboard, the furniture companies are spearheading several exciting initiatives. These include a complete overhaul of their websites, an enriched online catalog showcasing their finest products, and designing a more interactive, user-friendly shopping platform for their customers.

The Ultimate Goal: Superior Online Shopping Experience

The overall scheme of these plans is to boost these well-established brands’ digital footprint, fostering more online competition and improving their customer’s online shopping experience with them.


In a blend of time-honoured craftsmanship and modern marketing methodologies, Temple Furniture and Parker Southern have shown that they are ready to take on the digital frontier with full force. By appointing a seasoned e-commerce specialist, the companies are setting the stage for an impressive digital presence that aligns with customer needs and industry trends. Certainly, the furniture industry is set for an exciting ride along the digital highway.

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