– Tempur Sealy International, Inc. vehemently disagrees with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) decision to block its proposed acquisition of Mattress Firm.
– The FTC believes the merger would undercut competition in the U.S. mattress market, leading to higher prices and reduced quality for consumers.
– Tempur Sealy argues that the FTC’s decision is based on a flawed analysis of the competitive landscape, and they plan on challenging it in court.
– The company claims that the mattress market is highly competitive, with numerous brands and online retailers, thus the acquisition would not result in lessened competition.
– The FTC’s decision could potentially impact other companies planning to merge in the mattress industry.
– Tempur Sealy is a leading global bedding provider, while Mattress Firm is a significant player in the specialty bedding retail industry, making their planned merger a significant occurrence in the mattress market.

Tempur Sealy Challenges FTC Decision

Disagreement on Acquisition of Mattress Firm

Tempur Sealy, a global bedding giant, has voiced its disagreement with the Federal Trade Commission’s decision to halt its proposed acquisition of Mattress Firm. The FTC posits that the merger would stifle competition in the mattress industry, leading to potential hikes in prices and a reduction in quality.

FTC’s Flawed Analysis

Tempur Sealy alleges that the FTC’s decision hinges on a flawed understanding of the competitive landscape in the mattress market. The leading bedding provider is preparing to challenge this decision in court, asserting that the mattress industry comprises numerous brands and online retailers, thus, their merging with Mattress Firm would not lessen competition.

Industry Impact

This decision by the FTC could also have broad implications for other companies making merger plans in the mattress industry, casting uncertainties in these corporate strategies.

Mattress Giants’ Combining Plans

As a leading bedding provider globally, Tempur Sealy’s proposed acquisition of Mattress Firm, a well-known entity in the speciality bedding retail market, is of significant interest to the whole mattress industry.


Tempur Sealy’s plans to continue its fight against the FTC’s decision will likely disrupt the mattress industry. If overcome, it could more clearly define the boundaries of competition and set a precedent for future mergers. It’s a literal ‘rest assured’ moment where everyone in the mattress world is ‘lying awake’ to see how the battle unfolds.

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