Every home should have a space that draws people together. A dining table can be this focal point in many homes. It is what draws family and friends together for meals, celebration, and conversations. One day, joyous announcements are made around the table, while on another day devastating news is delivered. We gather around these tables for special occasions, such as Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas brunch. Think for a moment about all the memories you have made around your family table, good or bad. Those are the memories that we hope to be a part of when creating our tables for you.

Lumber2Love began as a small family owned business, and continues to be just that. Well, not so small anymore, but built on the principles of FAMILY. We love hiring people with a great work ethic and personality, but not necessarily all the woodworking abilities. Some are skilled craftsmen with years of experience, and others are just getting their hands dirty. We can teach that! We want great people by our side, who actually care about what they are doing and love the process.

So when you are considering that special new table for your home, know that Lumber2Love will pour our heart and soul into your project…from our family to yours.

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