• Bob’s Discount Furniture released a statement clearing up customer confusion regarding their delivery operations.
• The confusion originated from news about Amazon’s entry into furniture delivery business.
• Bob’s affirmed that their in-house delivery service remains the same, separate from any Amazon initiative.
• The company emphasizes its commitment to providing excellent customer service and a personalized shopping experience.
• Bob’s Discount Furniture is one of the large-scale furniture retailers in the U.S. with 140 stores across 22 states.

Bob’s Discount Furniture Addresses Customer Confusion

Company Reiterates Continuation of Inhouse Delivery Service

Separate From Amazon’s New Furniture Delivery Venture

To dispel the rumors swirling in the furniture industry, Bob’s Discount Furniture made a firm declaration – they are not associated in any way with Amazon’s venture into the furniture delivery business. “That’s not us,” they affirmed, setting customer minds at ease. Despite the growing online delivery trend, Bob’s is staying true to their roots, with a physical presence across 140 locations, and their own, renowned in-house delivery service. Their commitment, they stress, is towards delivering excellence and personalized care to each customer, ensuring that the Bob’s experience remains distinct and unbeatable in the furniture retail market.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318673

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