– Toronto-based furniture design studio Hollis + Morris has unveiled a stunning new collection.
– The collection, dubbed The Riverside, draws inspiration from the Don River in northeast Toronto.
– This new line incorporates elements of nature into its aesthetics.
– It includes items such as benches, tables, and lighting fixtures.
– The Riverside collections make use of solid wood and plexiglass to mimic the company’s natural surroundings.
– Their seamless and minimalist design allows them to fit into most architectural styles and decor themes.
– The collection is available on the Hollis + Morris website and in select boutique stores globally.

Hollis + Morris Introduces ‘The Riverside’ Collection

Inspired by Nature, Melding with Architecture

Based in Toronto, the acclaimed furniture design studio, Hollis + Morris, has revealed an inspired new line of furniture, fondly called ‘The Riverside.’ This line is directly inspired by the natural elements found along Toronto’s Don River, according to the designers.

Seamless Design, Versatile Usage

In this exhilarating collection, you’ll find masterfully crafted benches, tables, and lighting fixtures. These are the epitome of minimalist design, with the ability to harmoniously blend into a vast range of architectural styles and decor themes. The distinctive pieces feature primarily solid wood and plexiglass, giving a nod to the studio’s surrounding nature.

The Riverside collection reiterates Hollis + Morris’s dedication to innovative design, green practices, and quality craftsmanship. This stunning collection is available for purchase directly from the Hollis + Morris website and in selected boutiques worldwide.

Hollis + Morris takes design inspiration from the world around us and transforms that inspiration into tangible, remarkable furniture. With ‘The Riverside,’ they have once again showcased their unique sensitivity to environment, their deep understanding of materials, and their commitment to stellar design. Whether you’re seeking to add a touch of minimalistic elegance or to create a nature-inspired haven, ‘The Riverside’ offers a variety of pieces sure to dazzle and inspire.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317131

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