– Casa Gusto, a popular design and antique firm, recently showcased their new base in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
– Founded by Hollie Bowden and Lizzie Deshayes, Casa Gusto curates an array of vintage furniture, antiques, and quirky objects from all over the world.
– The new home base showcases a collection that is a vibrant mix of local Mexican crafts, quirky European designs, and antique pieces from Asia and Africa.
– The San Miguel home gives Casa Gusto a larger space to display their items, compared with their previous small showroom in Florida.
– Rich in history and culture, San Miguel provides the perfect backdrop for Casa Gusto’s eclectic and whimsical collections.
– The San Miguel house features some of the brand’s most popular pieces, including Moroccan rugs, Indian textiles, and English garden ornaments.
– Despite the challenges of running a business during the pandemic, Casa Gusto has established a strong online presence and continues to grow and thrive.

Casa Gusto’s New Home in San Miguel de Allende

Worldly Collections in an Eclectic Setting

Vibrant Mix of Pieces in a Rich Cultural Backdrop

Closing its doors in Florida, Casa Gusto has found a new home in the culturally rich city of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. The founders, Hollie Bowden and Lizzie Deshayes, decided to make the move to accommodate their expanding catalogue of eclectic pieces that represent a tasteful mix of crafts, antiques, and designs from the globe’s corners. Despite the adversities that the pandemic brings to the world of retail, Casa Gusto continues to blossom, gaining online traction as they bring their unique collection to a historical house in San Miguel, staging an enticing tableau of culture and design.

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