– Therapedic, a prominent mattress company, has made upgrades to its digital platform to provide better tools and resources to its dealers.
– These improvements will be offered for free as a part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to assist its retailer network.
– The digital platform will feature more comprehensive product details, high-resolution images, customer reviews, and supportive YouTube videos.
– The retailer portal has also been updated to include useful information regarding effective selling tactics, customized digital marketing content, and access to recent webinars on product training.
– The advanced digital tools will ensure that the firm’s retailer partners are equipped with rich content to help them close sales effectively.

Therapedic Enhances Digital Platform, Boosting Support for Dealers

Unlocking Superior Retail Experiences with Advanced Digital Tools

Therapedic, a top-of-the-line mattress manufacturer, is taking the digitally forward path by beefing up its platform offerings. In an endeavor to provide top-notch resources to its dealers, the firm is offering these new tools absolutely free of cost.

A Rich Digital Environment for Better Business

The improved platform includes detailed information about their products, high-quality images, customer feedback, and handy YouTube videos. Furthermore, a revamped retailer portal is in place with essential resources. This includes tips on effective selling, digital marketing content, and product training webinars.

Equipping Partners with The Right Tools

The commitment of Therapedic to equip its partners with enhanced tools is clear. These digital enhancements ensure that retailers are well-prepared with a wealth of content and resources, facilitating them to close sales more effectively and deliver sterling customer experiences.

A Win-Win Strategy

In conclusion, Therapedic’s forward-thinking move to enhance its digital platform, and offer it free to their dealers, signals a promising change in the furniture industry. By ensuring its partners are equipped with compelling content and tools, the company is bolstering its retailer network’s strength. This approach is not only beneficial for dealers but ultimately it leads to richer customer experiences. It’s a futuristic strategy that ensures a win-win for everyone—Therapedic, its dealers, and the end customers.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317655

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