* A 693-square-foot apartment in Seattle has managed to catch everyone’s eye due to its tastefully arranged dining nook.
* The dining nook is a prominent feature of the apartment that combines function and aesthetic beauty.
* The design has been accomplished with a mid-century modern style, which impacts the consistency theme throughout the apartment.
* An excellent use of open shelving creates a feel of openness in the small square footage of the apartment — a practical solution to limited space.
* The apartment also features custom artworks which add personal touches and create a warm, homey atmosphere.
* The choice of furniture, such as a marble table and velvet-upholstered bench, is noted for its quality and contribution to the apartment’s overall appeal.

A Darling Dining Nook in a Petite Seattle Apartment

Design and Layout

Located in the heart of Seattle, a compact yet attractively styled 693-square-foot apartment has been turning heads. One thing that stands out in this apartment is its alluring dining nook that perfectly melds function and aesthetic appeal.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Every corner of the apartment resonates with the mid-century modern style of decor. This style is not just evident in its incredible choice of furniture but also the consistent theme that runs throughout this lovely little apartment.

Open Shelving and Custom Artworks

Being small can sometimes be a challenge when designing an apartment, but with the clever use of open shelving, the space seems bigger and airier. Adding individualistic charm to the place are custom artworks, which add a touch of warmth and personal connection.

The Furniture

The quality of the furniture used, such as the marble-topped table and the cozy velvet-upholstered bench, significantly enhances the overall aesthetic allure of the apartment.

In conclusion, every aspect of this charming 693-square-foot Seattle apartment point towards meticulous planning and inspired design. The standout dining nook, characterized by a careful selection of furniture and personal touches of artworks, together with a consistent mid-century modern design, makes this small space feel not only bigger but also uniquely personal and welcoming. This apartment serves as a testament that, with creativity and attention to detail, combining functionality and style in any space- big or small- is indeed achievable.

orginial article https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/scandi-inspired-seattle-apartment-37392366

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