* The article discusses three key trends affecting the furniture industry as highlighted by Cindy W. Hodnett, furniture industry expert.
* The first trend is ‘neo-traditionalism’, where young consumers are blending their modern tastes with traditional, classic design elements. This trend is seeing a rearrival of prints, wallpapers and warm colors with a vintage design approach.
* The second trend, ‘home as a happy place’, underscores the increased importance of home during the pandemic, strengthening the focus on comfort-oriented décor. Furniture is being chosen more for comfort than just aesthetic appeal.
* The third trend is ‘Outdoor luxury’, where consumers are investing more on outdoor furniture and accessories to expand their personal spaces at home.

Understanding New-Core Trends in Furniture Design and Buying

Trends shaping the Furniture Industry

Neo-traditionalism: Old Meets New

The marriage of the old and new lends an exciting dimension to furniture style. It brings with it an interesting palette of prints, wallpapers, and warm colours, representing a stylish comeback of classic, vintage art and designs.

Home as a Happy Place: Comfort-centric Decor

The pandemic has certainly reinforced the relevance of our homes, prompting an emotional and functional connectivity with the space we live in. This has resulted in a noticeable shift towards comfort-oriented décor where furniture fulfils the role of providing solace and relaxation more than just serving as mere objects of beauty.

Outdoor Luxury: Exploring Spaces Beyond Four Walls

As people look for unconstrained space and fresh air, outdoor spaces have emerged as the ‘new’ personal spaces at home. An increased investment in outdoor furniture and accessories reflects this shift, adding a luxe touch to the outdoors.

In conclusion, the furniture industry is undergoing a paradigm shift, with end-users’ tastes and preferences central to their buying decisions. The embracing of neo-traditionalism, shift towards comfort-centric decor and a renewed interest in outdoor spaces are pointing towards an exciting, evolving future for the furniture industry. This could be the cue for furniture makers to revisit their design strategies, tweak their product ranges and align their offerings with these emerging trends.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317936

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