– The article discusses an interesting throwback in the furniture design world: the resurgence of popularity in bent trays.
– Acclaimed Swedish designer Carl Malmsten had initially popularized this design innovation in the 1950s.
– The bent tray’s design is simplistic yet elegant, involving the bending of a singular plywood sheet, which is then lacquered for durability and aesthetic appeal.
– Malmsten’s bent trays had initially been created for serving food and drinks and later were adapted into various furniture design aspects like coffee tables and nightstands.
– Today, contemporary furniture designers are reviving Malmsten’s iconic bent trays, incorporating modern manufacturing techniques and materials to the classic design.
– The modern designer’s focus is preserving the original charm of a bent tray while ensuring practicality and compatibility with modern interior design trends.
– The article wraps up by showcasing several examples of modern bent-tray-designed furniture that encapsulates Malmsten’s unique yet timeless design style.

The Resurgence of Carl Malmsten’s Bent Trays

From the 1950s to Today: The Evolution of The Bent Tray

The article delves into an interesting throwback in the world of furniture design – the revival of Carl Malmsten’s bent trays. Known for his simplistic yet elegant approach, Malmsten, the Swedish designer, carved a niche in the 1950s with his unique style of bending a single plywood sheet into a useful and stylish tray, later lacquering it for durability and aesthetic appeal.

Adaptation and Modern Revival

Initially created for serving food and drinks, Malmsten’s bent trays were subsequently adapted into various furniture pieces. Today, furniture designers have rekindled this design trend, combining modern manufacturing techniques and materials to recreate Malmsten’s classic bent tray design. The goal is to retain the original charm of the bent tray while ensuring it remains practical and in line with modern interior design sensibilities.

Bent Tray Inspired Furniture Designs

The article concludes by showcasing numerous examples of modern furniture inspired by Malmsten’s famous bent tray design – a testament to the timeless allure of simplicity and utility combined in an artistic manner.

Let’s call it a “design curveball”, if you will! Malmsten’s bent trays have swung back into the limelight, beautifully adapted by modern designers who revere the original aesthetic but bring it up-to-date with contemporary materials and techniques. Integrated into coffee tables, nightstands, and other furniture pieces, these bent trays are the perfect example of how the past can wonderfully resonate with the present. And the best thing? You get to hold a piece of vintage, aesthetic art in your hands while simultaneously enjoying your hot cuppa or placing your favorite book on it. Now, that’s a throwback we can all raise a toast to!

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