– The article showcases a Lisbon apartment embodying timeless elegance, where old and new match seamlessly.
– Portuguese designer Luis Laplace is responsible for the transformation of the 19th century structure.
– Despite modernizing the space, he made sure to preserve historical elements, renovating the ceilings, windows, and traditional tiles.
– The apartment boasts modern furniture pieces collected from various parts of the world.
– Minimalist elements such as geometric lines and neutral colors coexist with elaborate traditional features.
– The space includes a custom-built library, spherical glass pendants and a floating marble kitchen island.
– Art pieces from the owner’s private collection also adorn the apartment.
– The designer’s objective was to recreate the experience of the romantic era with a contemporary lens.

Lisbon Apartment: A Blend of Historical Remnants and Modern Minimalism

Preserving the old, Embracing the new

The Lisbon apartment, crafted by Portuguese designer Luis Laplace, is a testament to the seamless integration of antiquity and contemporary aesthetics. While the space has been modernized, Laplace painstakingly preserved historical elements, restoring the original ceilings, windows, and tiles to their former character-filled glory.

From Minimalist Lines to Historic Detailing

Geometric lines, neutral colors, and modern furniture pieces from around the globe blend harmoniously with the apartment’s traditional features. This coexistence is vividly expressed in the custom-built library, floating marble kitchen island, and spherical glass pendants adorning the expanse of the house.

A Romantic Era Reimagined

In addition to the effortless blending of time periods through the architecture and furniture, the home is also adorned with art pieces from the owner’s private collection. Laplace’s approach to this masterpiece was driven by a desire to recreate a contemporary version of the romantic era.

As an epitome of timeless elegance, the Lisbon apartment illustrates that aesthetics from contrasting eras can exist harmoniously. Luis Laplace’s subtle yet transformative touch is evident throughout the space — as he brilliantly marries traditional features with modern minimalist elements. This perfect blend of history and contemporary design provides a rich, layered experience for residents and visitors alike, ultimately reimagining the romantic era through a modern lens.

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