– An old, rundown house from the 1970s in west London has been transformed into a charming and vibrant family home.
– Property owner, Helen Parker, partnered with interior design company, DeVol Kitchens, to give the property a much-needed makeover.
– The kitchen area received a significant upgrade, with the installation of vintage-style cabinets, terracotta tiles, and rustic wooden furniture.
– The rest of the house features eclectic furniture pieces from various periods, creating a vibrant, yet harmonious blend of old and new.
– Special attention was given to the children’s bedrooms, which were littered with fun, colourful kids’ furniture and toys.
– The outside space was also refurbished, with the addition of charming outdoor furniture and a barbecue area.
– The property has quickly become a beloved family home, as well as a showcase of timeless interior design.

1970s London House Gets a Colourful Transformation

From Neglected to Spectacular: A Property Makeover Story

Vibrant Revamp Brings New Life to an old House

Transforming a property that’s seen better days into a warm, welcoming home is no easy feat. But with creativity, skill, and a keen eye for design, Helen Parker and the team at DeVol Kitchens have successfully given a 1970s house in west London a new lease of life. The charming revamp seamlessly blends old with new, vintage with modern, and vibrancy with warmth to create a harmonious space reflecting timeless elegance. While the modern, vintage-style kitchen and eclectic furniture are key aspects of the redesign, the charm extends to every corner of the house, even extending to the kids’ rooms and the outdoor space. In pulling off this spectacular transformation, they’ve given this once-unloved structure a second chance, turning it into a beloved family home and an inspiration for property makeover enthusiasts.

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