– Jerry Epperson, a veteran of the furniture retail industry, shares his insights gleaned from travels abroad.
– He highlights the differences between American and European furniture retailers, emphasizing aspects like unique European designs, tailored customization options, and focus on sustainability.
– European customers usually expect a longer wait time for furniture due to the handmade, custom nature of much of it.
– Epperson comments on the growing trend among American manufacturers to streamline and automate their processes for faster delivery, sacrificing some customization options.
– Epperson also discusses retail customer service quality, and notes that both European and American retailers can learn from each other in this area.
– He advocates for a hybrid approach, combining European customization and quality with American efficiency and customer service.
– Ultimately, Epperson highlights the need for innovation and adaptation in the furniture industry, based on learnings from different markets.

Unraveling the Furniture Retail Landscape: Jerry Epperson’s Travel Musings

Europe vs. America: A Tale of Two Furniture Markets

Design, Customization, and Sustainability: The European Way

Efficiency and Streamlining: The American Approach

Quality of Customer Service: Learning From Each Other

The Ideal Combo: Blending European and American Strengths

In Epperson’s journey through the global furniture industry, both across continents and through decades, he highlights significant contrasts and potential synergies between the European and American markets. His musings shed light on Europe’s flair for unique design and commitment to sustainability, contrasted with America’s drive for efficiency and quick delivery. However, the takeaway is not to pick one approach over the other, but to creatively blend the two. As furniture retailers continue to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape, Epperson’s insights serve as a reminder that inspiration can be found across borders. The key lies in adopting a hybrid approach: fostering the European spirit of individuality and eco-friendly practices, while enhancing it with American efficiency and stellar customer service.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317363

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