– Two century-old cottages in Norfolk, England were skillfully converted into a single large home with a modern touch.
– The combined housing unit retains the charm of the original cottages while incorporating features of contemporary design.
– The main material used in this unique project was WoodBlocX, a sustainable form of timber sourced from the forests of Scotland.
– The wooden blocks were used to emphasize features such as exposed beams, giving the home an authentic and rustic appeal.
– The new design includes a spacious open-plan area, a feature often found in modern homes,
– Other additions include environmentally friendly features like under-floor heating systems and double glazed windows.
– The project was carried out by the renowned architectural firm, Moss Design.

When Old Charm meets Modern Design: The Norfolk Cottages Story

Merging Two into One

Two quaint, century-old cottages in the serene countryside of Norfolk were brilliantly transformed into a single piece of architectural wonder. Retaining their original charm but adding a touch of the contemporary, these converted cottages are a testament to expert craftsmanship and ingenious design.

WoodBlocX: The Star Material

The star of the project was WoodBlocX, sustainable timber sourced straight from the lush forests of Scotland. This material was key in highlighting the home’s rustic appeal through features such as exposed beams.

Bringing In Modern Touches

Blending the old with the new, the cottages incorporate modern home features such as a spacious open-plan area, an inclusion that enhances the home’s functionality and charm. Furthermore, the addition of eco-friendly elements like under-floor heating systems and double-glazed windows show a clear commitment to sustainability.

Architectural Brilliance by Moss Design

The successful execution of this unique project is attributed to Moss Design, an architectural firm renowned for its innovative and eye-catching designs.

In Conclusion

Blending the vintage allure of century-old cottages with modern home comforts, the conversion of these two cottages in Norfolk demonstrates how antiquity and modernity can coexist in harmony. Sustainability shines bright in this project, both in the choice of materials and the inclusion of energy-efficient systems. The work of Moss Design shows the limitless architectural potential that can be realized when history is respected while embracing the future.

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