– Txtur, a direct-to-consumer furniture brand by Sahm Companies, has opened a new retail space in Richmond’s Manchester District.
– The location will serve as a showroom and retail space for the entire Txtur lineup, featuring sofas, chairs, beds, and tables.
– The retail space will also incorporate interactive displays that allow customers to experiment with furniture customizations such as fabrics, legs, colors, etc.
– The concept for the showroom centers around creating a customer-centric experience, where buyers can touch, feel, and test the furniture before purchase.
– As part of their sustainability commitment, Txtur’s furniture pieces are made in the USA and are designed to be modular, versatile, and enduring.

More Space, More Furniture: Txtur in Richmond’s Manchester District

A Showroom for The Modern Customer

Txtur, the fresh and dynamic brand from Sahm Companies, has flung open the doors to a brand new retail and showroom space in the happening Manchester District of Richmond. Taking furniture shopping to a whole new level, the store offers an interactive experience from start to finish.

Furnishing the Future

Rather than only offering an online view, Txtur is taking a stand, saying from sofas and chairs to beds and tables, we believe our customers deserve to not just see, but touch, feel, test, and even customize their furniture. The retail space incorporates interactive displays, providing the opportunity to personalize pieces by choosing fabrics, leg styles, colors, and more.

Sustainability at the Heart

Maintaining its commitment towards sustainability, all of Txtur’s pieces are proudly made in America. More so, the designs are modular and versatile, providing enduring value that counters consumerism’s throwaway culture.

To cap it off, Txtur has an enhanced shopping experience with its new retail space in Richmond’s Manchester District. Customers can now do more than spy their furniture online; they can physically immerse themselves in the products, touching, testing, and personally customizing items before making a purchase commitment. Moreover, the company’s commendable sustainability efforts ring loud, proving that Txtur is more than just a furniture brand; it’s a movement towards more conscious consumption, providing enduring, versatile furniture that’s made in the USA.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317096

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