– U.S. furniture manufacturing reported a further decline in May, continuing a trend that has been prevalent for some time.
– The steep fall in manufacturing is reportedly due to a mix of international competition and changing consumer behavior.
– Traditional manufacturing regions such as the Midwest and Northeast have been hit hardest, with numerous plant closures.
– Some manufacturers have moved production overseas, benefiting from lower labor costs.
– Others have pivoted towards e-commerce and a direct-to-consumer model to cut down on overheads.
– Despite the overall decline, there has been a growing demand for sustainable and bespoke furniture, giving hope to niche manufacturers.
– Furniture industry experts predict a continued downward trend in the short term but foresee possible growth in light of the shift towards a consumer preference for quality, custom-made, and ecologically-friendly products.

U.S. Furniture Manufacturing Sees Further Decline

Competition and Consumer Behavior Drive Down Manufacturing

Midwest and Northeast Regions Take the Hardest Hit

Moving Funriture Production Overseas and Boosting E-commerce

Ray of Hope in Sustainable and Bespoke Furniture

Industry Experts Anticipate Possible Future Growth

Despite the sustained decline, a glimmer of hope is not far off. Traditional manufacturing might be fading but the dawn of sustainable and bespoke furniture is upon us. Consumers are demonstrating a growing desire for high-quality, custom-made, eco-friendly pieces, and niche manufacturers are rising to meet this demand. As the furniture industry heads into uncharted territory, these emerging trends can reshape the manufacturing landscape. While times may seem tough now, change could be just over the horizon. Remember, it’s always darkest before the furniture renaissance!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317620

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