– Ubique Group, a large furniture manufacturing company, has joined forces with lifestyle guru sheffield queen Martha Stewart to create an exclusive bedroom furniture line.
– The collection, named ‘Martha Stewart Bedroom Collection’, will comprise of both traditional and modern styles that reflect Martha’s personal taste.
– This collaboration is a new venture for Stewart, who has previously focused on kitchenware, food, and home decor.
– The collection will include beds, dressers, nightstands, and other premium furnishings, all designed under Stewart’s careful supervision.
– According to Ubique Group officials, partnering with Martha Stewart aims to bring her unique style and exceptional quality assurance into the bedroom interiors.
– This bedroom furniture line will be made available online and in selected retails across the country starting from October.

Ubique Group and Martha Stewart Team Up

Introducing the Martha Stewart Bedroom Collection

A Unique Blend of Traditional and Modern Styles

Premium Bedroom Furnishings and More

Available Online and in Selected Retail Stores in October

In a sensational coming together of industry and design force, Ubique Group and Martha Stewart have unveiled their exclusive bedroom collection. This marks a new frontier for Stewart, who carved her niche in kitchenware, food, and home decor. With this latest endeavor, admirers of Stewart’s taste and craftsmanship can look forward to a seamless infusion of her touch in bedroom interiors. The collection, which is the perfect blend of traditional and modern designs, includes premium furnishings designed under Stewart’s meticulous gaze. Available online and in selected retail stores from October, customers can transform their bedrooms into a Martha Stewart haven. It’s a collaboration that expertly merges Stewart’s timeless style with Ubique Group’s commitment to quality. Get ready to snuggle down in style!

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