– A study conducted by Furniture Clinic reveals that the average American unintentionally causes damage to their furniture every 48 days.
– The most common type of damage reported was stains, accounting for a whopping 45% of all damages.
– Almost 3 in 10 respondents admitted to damaging their furniture while trying to move it.
– Roughly 25% of the respondents said their furniture was damaged due to spills from food or drink.
– Interestingly, pets were not far behind as culprits, with 19% of people blaming their pets for furniture damage.
– The majority of damages, pegged at around 62%, were minor, mostly repairable and considered as ‘wear and tear’.

Impressive Stats for Furniture Damage in America

Study: Average American Damages Furniture Every 48 Days

According to a study carried out by Furniture Clinic, an average American appears to unintentionally damage their household furniture once in 48 days. Stains took the lead in the most common form of damage, with nearly half of all the damages reported falling under this category.

Oh, That’s How I Broke It…

The study found a wide variety of reported causes for furniture damage. Moving furniture topped the charts, with almost 30% of participants confessing to causing damage during a move. Spills from food and drink followed closely, making up a quarter of the damages. Man’s best friend also emerged as a notable culprit – about one-fifth of the respondents reported their pets to be the cause of furniture mishaps.

Most Damages Repairable, Indicative of ‘Wear and Tear’

Alarmingly, the study painted a picture of most American furniture being in a constant state of repair. However, 62% of these damages were seen as minor, indicative of general ‘wear and tear’, and were restorable.

Closing Paragraph:
Case of the Mondays? More like case of every 48 days for the average American, at least when it comes to denting, staining or scratching their furniture! In the grand battle between humans, pets and gravity, our poor couches, chairs and tables seem to get the rough end of the stick. More often than not, we’re the clumsy culprits behind furniture faux pas. But don’t lose heart, most of these blunders fall into the category of ‘wear and tear’ and are repairable. Perhaps it’s time, America, to befriend furniture polish and get savvy with stain remover!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318610

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