– Ultrafabrics, a leading provider of high-performance fabrics, has announced the hiring of two new members for their sales leadership team.
– The new team members are Tony Olsen, who is joining as Vice President of Sales, and Deborah Simon, hired as Director of Sales.
– Before joining Ultrafabrics, Olsen’s work experience included roles such as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nassimi LLC, while Simon comes with a background in sales management in the hospitality and residential markets.
– These additions are part of Ultrafabrics’ strategic measures to enhance their domestic and global sales operations.
– Chris Gowans, the company’s COO, stated that the hiring of Olsen and Simon strengthens their strategic goal of scaling their business efficiently across the globe.

Ultrafabrics Expands Sales Leadership Team

Welcomes Tony Olsen and Deborah Simon to the Fold

In a strategic move to bolster their domestic and global sales, Ultrafabrics, a front-runner in producing high-performance fabrics, announced two pivotal additions to their sales leadership team. Industry veterans Tony Olsen and Deborah Simon join hands at their respective positions as Vice President of Sales and Director of Sales.

Olsen and Simon: Bringing Expertise to the Table

Tony Olsen, stepping into the role of the Vice President of Sales, brings a wealth of experience from his previous tenure at Nassimi LLC where he served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. On the other hand, Deborah Simon, the new Director of Sales, will leverage her profound experience in sales management within the hospitality and residential markets.

These strategic hires reflect Ultrafabrics’ proactive efforts to further their business outreach across the domestic and international markets. COO Chris Gowans considers the inclusion of Olsen and Simon as a solid move that fortifies the company’s roadmap for efficient business expansion worldwide.

With the addition of two industry veterans, Tony Olsen and Deborah Simon, Ultrafabrics is skating on solid ice. This strategic move is not just aimed at domestic growth, but also illustrates the company’s commitment to global expansion. These hirings prove the company’s relentless pursuit of their goal to augment their market footprint and firmly establish their lead in the high-performance fabrics industry. We can expect to see Ultrafabrics’ growth graph scaling new heights in the times to come!

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