– Universal Furniture announced the promotion of Neil MacKenzie, a long-term employee of the company.
– MacKenzie, who has been with the firm for more than six years, will take on the role of Vice President of Marketing.
– In his new role, MacKenzie will be responsible for overseeing all merchandising efforts, including product development and brand management.
– Universal Furniture’s President, Jeff Scheffer, emphasized MacKenzie’s strong track record in the company and the industry in general, which made him an ideal choice for the position.
– The promotion comes as Universal Furniture aims to continue its growth and strengthen its market position further.
– MacKenzie pledged to bring fresh ideas and innovation to the brand, ensuring Universal Furniture remains competitive and trendsetting in the furniture industry.

Neil MacKenzie Promoted to Key Merchandising Role At Universal Furniture

Long-standing employee steps up to Vice President Position

High Expectations for New Role in Company’s Growth

In conclusion, Universal Furniture’s announcement of Neil MacKenzie’s ascent to the role of Vice President of Marketing demonstrates their commitment to valorizing devoted and proficient team members. MacKenzie’s promotion is a strategic move to leverage his considerable experience and knowledge of the furniture industry to drive the company’s growth and solidify their market position. As the newly appointed Vice President of Marketing, MacKenzie is expected to bring innovative and trend-focused changes to the brand, reaffirming Universal Furniture’s status as a dynamic leader in the furniture industry.

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