– Veteran retail executive, Laurel Krueger, has been named the new CEO of Retail ECommerce Ventures (REV), the parent company of brands including Pier 1 and Stein Mart.
– Krueger brings over three decades of experience to the role, having held various senior positions at notable brands including Kmart and Target.
– Krueger’s appointment comes as REV aims to transform its acquired brands into online-focused enterprises.
– With her strong track record in the retail sector, Krueger is expected to help drive the digital transformation of Pier 1 and Stein Mart and lead them into profitable futures.
– Analysts regard this move as an important milestone in REV’s journey, revealing the company’s commitment to pivoting its brands to an online-first model amidst the ongoing shift in consumer behaviour.

Retail Veteran Laurel Krueger to Lead Digital Transformation at Pier 1 and Stein Mart

A New Era for REV Brands Under Krueger

Laurel Krueger, a formidable force in the retail industry, steps into her new role as the CEO of Retail ECommerce Ventures (REV). Krueger brings a wealth of experience from past leadership roles at retail giants like Kmart and Target, positioning her well to drive the growth and success of key REV brands, Pier 1 and Stein Mart.

Transforming Physical Retail to Online Businesses

Krueger’s first major challenge will be to spearhead the digital transformation of Pier 1 and Stein Mart. These well-loved brands are poised for a radical revamp as they transition into online-centric businesses, aligning with REV’s strategic vision.

The Future of Retail at REV

The move is seen as a significant leap for REV, demonstrating its dedication to reinvent its brands in an increasingly digital retail landscape. Analysts believe that under Krueger, these brands will likely refresh their identities and soar to new heights of profitability.


In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of retail, Laurel Krueger’s appointment as CEO of Retail ECommerce Ventures heralds the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Pier 1 and Stein Mart. With her extensive experience and strategic leadership, she is well-positioned to launch these traditional retail brands into the digital future. This pivotal moment embodies REV’s commitment to adapting and flourishing amidst changing consumer behaviors, promising a bright future for its portfolio of brands. Time will tell how these transformations pan out, but one thing is certain: under Krueger’s guidance, REV’s brands are geared for success in the digital retail landscape.

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