– The Vietnam trade show for textiles is set to make its 2nd appearance next winter.
– The event caters to businesses in the furniture and interior design sectors, showcasing a variety of textile products for home decor use.
– Exhibitors include local and international suppliers of textiles, materials for furniture production, and suppliers of fabrics for home textiles.
– This largest trade show of its kind in Vietnam is seen as an ideal platform for local companies to connect with overseas buyers and partners.
– The first edition of the show was successful, with over 7,000 attendees from 32 countries, and more than 100 exhibitors.
– The aim of the upcoming trade show is to further boost Vietnam’s textile and furniture industry and strengthen relationships between Vietnamese and international design and furniture companies.

Vietnam Textile Trade Show to Return for Impressive Second Run

Boost for Home Decor Textile and Furniture Industries

Bringing Local and International Businesses Together

Vietnam is making final adjustments to welcome the second edition of its landmark Textile Trade Show this winter. Embracing a diverse range of companies from the furniture and interior design niches, the event is an invaluable opportunity to showcase home decor textiles and related products. The stage is set to welcome a mix of local and international talents focusing on furniture material production and home textile functions.

The success of its inaugural event, which attracted over 7,000 attendees from 32 different countries and 100 exhibitors, has set the pace for a much anticipated second run. The Trade Show strives to be more than just an event, but a catalyst for sector growth, aiming to stimulate Vietnam’s textile and furniture market while forging stronger ties between local businesses and their international counterparts. The excitement is palpable as winter approaches, and the promise of new collaborations and product advancements looms.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318405

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