– Jennifer Harlan has brought a coastal and modern design to her 4000-square-foot Newport Beach home.
– Harlan partnered with Ballard Designs to create a vibrant mix of colors and textures using high-quality furniture selections.
– She particularly focused on creating a comfortable space for the family, featuring an outdoor living room with a laid-back and casual look.
– Jennifer has a unique penchant for indoor plants, which she believes add life and warmth to any space.
– Ballard Design will soon launch a blog featuring Jennifer’s home transformation journey, providing insights into her design process and furnishing choices.

Newport Beach Home Transformed with a Warm and Welcoming Appeal

Jennifer Harlan’s 4000-square-foot Coastal Haven

Notable interior designer, Jennifer Harlan, has recently unveiled her beautiful Newport Beach residence—a 4000-square-foot abode that perfectly embodies the essence of coastal and modern design elements. To bring her vision to life, Jennifer collaborated with Ballard Designs, focusing on infusing each corner of her home with a vibrant mix of colors and textures.

Designing for Comfort and Style

Harlan’s layout prioritizes comfort, illustrated most strikingly in her choice to include an outdoor living room with a relaxed, casual vibe. In addition to furniture selection, the designer holds a particular fondness for indoor plants, which she wholeheartedly believes inject a sense of life and warmth into a space.

Harlan’s Journey with Ballard Design

In a bid to inspire others and provide insights into her meticulous design process, Ballard Design will soon launch a blog dedicated to Jennifer’s home transformation journey. It promises to deliver a more in-depth look at the designer’s furnishing choices and the rationale behind them.

In closing, Jennifer Harlan’s Newport Beach home showcases an impressive mix of comfort, style, and personality. Her collaboration with Ballard Designs and the shared home transformation journey is a testament to her talent. It serves as an inspiration to other homeowners seeking a warm, inviting, and stylish home, proving that with careful planning, a wonderful balance of comfort and design aesthetics can indeed be achieved. The upcoming blog from Ballard Designs will further offer unique insights into her thought process and will undoubtedly be an invaluable resource for budding home designers.

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