• West Coast ports have witnessed a strong increase in volume and imports in April, as per recent data.
• This rise is mainly due to the ongoing business sector recovery and the overwhelming demand for furniture and other home goods.
• The Port of Los Angeles, for instance, processed 946,966 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs), setting a new month record.
• Over in Long Beach, volume grew by 43.6% with 746,188 TEUs, breaking the previous April record set in 2006.
• Among the major products propelling this growth are furniture, auto parts, clothing, and electronics.
• This surge is advantageous for the furniture business as it shows a strong market demand, which is predicted to last until 2022.
• The increased port activity also signifies a favorable economic outlook, despite ongoing Covid-19 pandemic challenges.

West Coast Ports Register Impressive April growth

Bustling Activity amid Business Recovery

There’s a new high tide at West Coast ports! April has set some record-breaking numbers, with the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach busting past their previous records. And guess what’s contributing to this surge? Yep, our beloved furniture finds itself among top-ranking products.

Anchored by Strong Home Goods Demand

From chairs to tables, dressers to couches, the high demand for home goods is keeping these ports busy. The upswing is part of the ongoing business recovery, further bolstering the already booming furniture market.

A Thriving Furniture Market

If your love for furniture was ever in doubt, this recent port activity underlines the undying love people have for their home comfort. With such a high market demand, the furniture business is floating on cloud nine.

As we navigate the challenging waters of the pandemic, this escalated port activity offers more than just a silver lining. It paints an encouraging economic picture, with hopes of continued buoyancy until 2022. So, fasten your seat belts, furniture enthusiasts, and brace for a cruising furniture market!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317278

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