– High Point Market exhibitors predict what comes after the popular bouclé trend in furniture design.
– Designers and brands discuss their take on future trends, focusing on diversity in design and sustainable practices.
– Notable names like Designer Laura Umansky and Charles Pavarini III share their insights on the shift towards a more eclectic approach.
– The growing trend of incorporating green and more sustainable practices prevails among High Point Market vendors.
– In the color palette, deeper tones and vibrant prints are set to take center stage, breaking away from the minimalist pastels and neutrals.
– Exhibitors appreciate the increased demand for pieces that are unique, handcrafted, and represent cultural diversity.
– Anticipated future furniture trends focus on individuality, promoting a mix-and-match approach rather than adhering to a single style.

Next Chapter in Furniture Design: Beyond Bouclé

Eclectic, Sustainable and Diverse

Predictions from High Point Market Exhibitors

Key players from High Point Market recently weighed in on the next wave in furniture design trends. Moving away from the widely embraced bouclé, designers suggest a shift towards a more eclectic and diverse approach to home décor. One striking element across the board is the anticipation for a strengthened commitment to green and sustainable practices.

Striking Color Shift

When it comes to the color palette, present-day neutrals and pastels are likely to retreat, and deeper tones with vibrant prints are expected to shine. This new direction celebrates individuality and diversity, creating spaces that tell a story.

Championing Uniqueness and Diversity

Cultural diversity, craftsmanship, and uniqueness have all gathered appreciation, pointing towards a future where furniture also represents a blend of global influences. Handcrafted, region-specific pieces are gaining more attention, boosting demand for unique and artistically expressive furniture.

In conclusion, the future of furniture design seems to be steering away from the monochrome bouclé and the minimalist style towards a vibrant, divergent, and sustainable future. Designers are embracing a more eclectic approach, infusing deeper tones, unique pieces and sustainable practices. Furniture is no longer just a functional piece, but an embodiment of cultural diversity, art, and individual expression. With these trends on the horizon, we can eagerly anticipate the next wave of interior design innovations. The trends indicate that our homes will be more colorful, distinctive, and meaningful while playing a part in preserving our planet.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316396

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