– Sheila Long O’Mara, executive editor of BedTimes and Sleep Savvy magazines, recently penned an article recounting her experiences buying a new mattress.
– O’Mara expressed concern over the lack of customer service she faced while shopping for a mattress. Despite entering several stores, no sales associates approached her to offer help.
– The lack of attention prompted O’Mara to seek online reviews and ratings, a search she found frustrating due mainly to confusing and conflicting information.
– O’Mara also highlighted a positive experience at a furniture store, where attentive and helpful staff members improved her shopping excursion.
– She expressed her hope that furniture retailers would offer a better balance between online reviews and in-person customer interaction, as both are key to a successful mattress buying experience.

Can We Improve Mattress Shopping?

Sheila Long O’Mara’s Frustrations

Lack of In-Store Assistance

Sheila has expressed disappointment in the seemingly declining level of customer service in mattress stores. It seems walking into a shop no longer guarantees you any sort of assistance or guidance.

Confusing Online Reviews

Not all of us are experts at gauging the quality of a mattress based on reviews and ratings. When in-person help isn’t readily available, the average consumer can be easily overwhelmed by scattered and often contradictory information online.

On the Brighter Side

Despite her challenges, O’Mara did have a pleasing experience in one furniture store where the staff were attentive and helpful, offering a silver lining and showing that exceptional service is still attainable.

Closing on a positive note, O’Mara implores retailers to maintain the equilibrium between online and physical store experiences. Online reviews are indeed important, but nothing can replace the human touch and verbal reassurances that an excellent salesperson could provide. Let’s hope O’Mara’s mattress tale lights a spark in furniture stores everywhere, prompting them to reimagine and transform the mattress shopping journey into a truly customer-centric experience.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318057

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