– Ashley HomeStore has completely revamped their Bakersfield store to enhance customer experience.
– The newly refreshed store features a 360-degree virtual reality (VR) room planner and a new café area for customers.
– Ashley’s Bakersfield location now includes a comprehensive children’s furniture department.
– The store has focused on being more than just a furniture store, presenting itself as a lifestyle brand.
– The company is dedicated to providing customers with décor inspiration, hiring highly skilled sales associates who are also trained as interior decorators.
– The Bakersfield store also features a specialized mattress department to cater to varying customer sleep requirements.

Refreshed Ashley HomeStore in Bakersfield: A Lifestyle Lounge

More than just a Furniture Store

Ashley HomeStore has completely reimagined their Bakersfield store, enhancing their showroom to offer an unprecedented customer experience. Now, they offer not just furniture but a lifestyle, redefining the concept of traditional furniture selling.

360-Degree VR and Cafeteria

Stepping into the Ashley Bakersfield store, customers are greeted with innovative features like a 360-degree virtual reality (VR) room planner, which revolutionizes the process of furniture selection. The new in-store café makes for a relaxing shopping environment, creating a whole new level of comfort for customers.

Comprehensive Children’s Furniture Department and Mattress Specialization

The revamp also includes a comprehensive children’s furniture department and a specialized mattress section, ensuring Ashley caters to all customer needs. The store aims to be a one-stop-shop for all things comfort and style related.

The makeover of the Bakersfield store displays Ashley HomeStore’s dedication to provide customers with décor inspiration. With sales associates doubling as skilled interior decorators, customers can now expect personalized advice tailored to their homes. Ashley has become more than a furniture store — it’s now a true lifestyle brand.

In conclusion, Ashley HomeStore’s revamp of their Bakersfield location is a bold move towards enhancing consumer experience. With an innovative 360-degree VR room planner, café, comprehensive children’s furniture department and specialized mattress section, shopping at Ashley is now far more than just a transaction — it’s an experience. With this new approach, Ashley isn’t just selling furniture but presenting a lifestyle to their customers. As such, it sets a new standard, not just for furniture stores, but for retail in general.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316817

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