– RH, formerly Restoration Hardware, opens a new showroom in the Bay Area.
– The new showroom is the largest on the west coast, spanning 60,000 square feet.
– RH aims to provide a seamless shopping experience by integrating hospitality with goods and services.
– The showroom houses furniture, decor items, and various home accessories across six floors.
– The building also includes a rooftop restaurant, wine bar, coffee shop, and outdoor spaces for customers to enjoy.
– RH intends to make the shopping experience more enjoyable by integrating lifestyle elements into their store design.

Restoration Hardware Unveils New Bay Area Showroom

A New Kid on the Block

Welcome to the largest RH showroom on the west coast! Previously known as Restoration Hardware, RH has recently unveiled its brand-new showroom- a massive 60,000 square foot, six-floor retail space in the beautiful Bay Area.

More Than Just a Showroom

But this is not just any furniture store. Mixing lifestyle elements into the traditional shopping layout, visitors can grab a bite to eat at the rooftop restaurant, enjoy some wine, or sip a coffee while soaking up the atmosphere on the outdoor terrace.

Not Just a Store, but a Destination

RH continues to blur the lines between retail and hospitality, creating a store that is more of a destination for day-out rather than just a shopping trip. This places the brand at the forefront of modern retail innovation, redefining how traditional furniture shopping is perceived. By offering a comprehensive range of goods and services under one roof, from furniture to decor items and home accessories, RH ensures an enjoyable, seamless shopping experience for all its customers.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317560

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