– DirectBuy Home Improvement Inc., the new owner of Z Gallerie, has shared its plans for the retailer post-acquisition.
– The company wants to expand Z Gallerie beyond its current physical retail stores in the USA and online platforms by introducing the brand outside North America.
– The brand will maintain its stylized collections and high-quality artistic pieces, but with more options for customization and personalization.
– Z Gallerie will carry an expanded product offering that includes affordable luxury home furniture, decor, and accessories.
– The new owner plans to retain and grow the Z Gallerie workforce, focusing on product design and curation expertise.

## Z Gallerie’s Stylish Future Under DirectBuy

DirectBuy Home Improvement Inc., the new owner of Z Gallerie, has painted an exciting picture for this well-loved artistic furniture brand’s future. In an international expansion bid, the company will introduce Z Gallerie beyond North American borders, spreading its unique and creativity-spurring offerings across the globe.

### Personalized, High-Quality Selections

Yet, Z Gallerie won’t lose its core qualities. It will stay true to its dedication to offering stylized collections and high-quality artistic pieces that have defined its brand. A new frontier explored by the brand will be personalized options for customers, giving them more control to curate their interiors with individual tastes.

### Expanded Offering with Affordable Luxuries

Another remarkable shift in Z Gallerie’s future is its product range. The brand will see an expansion in its offerings – from being a predominantly artistic furniture retailer to now including affordable luxury home decor and accessories.

### Positive Growth For Z Gallerie Workforce

What’s impressive about these changes is that DirectBuy aims to keep the Z Gallerie workforce intact while nurturing their skills further. The focus will be on honing talents specializing in product design and curation, fostering a creative and dynamic work environment.

In all, this exciting new chapter for Z Gallerie paints a promising picture: a future where artsy furniture and home decor lovers can delight in high-quality, customizable, affordable luxury choices without borders. Moreover, the value placed on its employees displays a commendable commitment to the talent that has brought the brand this far.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316561

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